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         Located at the Ham Thuan Nam beach which is just 30 minutes from the Phan thiet city and 4 hours from HCM City, Fengshui Beach Resort Spa is constructed like Hoi An ancient house architecture style. Covered with beautiful longbeach,pristine landscape likes : Ke Ga lighthouse, Ta Cu Mountain,The Fengshui Beach Resort & Spa is an ideal place to stay and relax.                                                                                                 Our Standard rooms and Bungalows which are fully equipped with an old French fine furniture design and additioning with Modern Jacuzzi & Spa.  Another option of camping on the beach, guests could choose a private relaxing atmosphere or partying with families and friends. With our out-door activities such as beach volley ball sport, camping, fishing or barbecuing at the pool bar you can enjoy the taste of Vietnamese cuisine & organise a squid hooking tour at night, experimenting exciting and interesting .

        Our ancient houses are built which designed to bring the people to the tropical charm architecture.


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